Benign prostatic hyperplasia

With age, the prostate increases in size causing pressure on the urethra. This causes problems with urination. The growth of the prostate with age is called benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH.

Its own name indicates: Hyperplasia: means increase in size. Benign: means that this increase is not a cancer.

Therefore, benign prostatic hyperplasia or “having or suffering from the prostate” as it is said colloquially is one of the most common benign problems in men after 50 years.

Fundamentally it is because over the years, the prostate is growing in all men (some affects them more than others) and this growth causes a compression in the urethra, similar to how a hose clamp would. This causes problems mainly when urinating.

Green Urological Laser

The Green Laser is the solution to your prostate problems, since it is the most advanced and least aggressive technique that exists

Solve once and for all, and forever, your prostate problems.

Advantages of the Green Laser

  • Immediate and lasting relief of symptoms.
  • Excellent improvement of the urinary flow.
  • Minimum time of probing.
  • No transfusions, no bleeding, no fluid reabsorption.
  • Without erectile dysfunction.
  • For any size of prostate.
  • Possibility of treatment to all types of patients (anticoagulated, in retention, or high risk).


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