Preguntas sobre cáncer de Próstata y Urología
  • ¿Should women visit the urologist?

    Yes, many diseases of women are treated by the urologist, some of them are: urinary infections from cystitis to kidney infections, kidney colic; the stones in the urinary system are treated and operated by the urologist, the tumors in the bladder and kidney are Intervened and treated by the urologist, urinary incontinence, is part of the urology and of course the kidney transplant.

  • From what age should men visit the urologist?

    The World Health Organization recommends an annual urological review for men over 50 and those over 45 if they have a family history.

  • What is the PSA?

    It is a molecule that is detected in blood and may be related to the existence of a tumor in the prostate.

  • Can incontinence be cured?

    Both in women and men urine losses are treated, some go through exercises and voiding reeducation, others are treated with medication and some with minimally invasive surgeries.

  • Does prostate cancer have a cure?

    If detected early, it is one of the cancers with the best prognosis, if we diagnose it late, we can control it for many years in most cases.;

  • What should I do if I urinate blood?

    The presence of blood in the urine may be due, in most cases, to infections, stones or tumors. Hematuria is a necessary cause for a visit to the urology specialist.

  • What is the use of the laser in the prostate?

    The green laser is used for the surgical treatment of the benign prostate and has a very low complication rate compared with conventional surgery, which allows us to perform it in complex patients and in large prostates.

  • Are there alternatives to surgery in prostate cancer?

    Without a doubt, but it is the study of each case and each patient that should mark the type of treatment.


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